The Eagle vs Bear new children’s book is one-of-a-kind picture chapter book for ages 8-12. Fabulous illustrations by Missouri-born artist, Blayne Fox, add levels of imagination to the Child Cub adventure; and five rockin’ songs by musicians and author Emile Millar and Dancing Eagle come with each book. One song for each chapter!

For thousands of moons Eagle & Bear have coexisted in a magical Forest Kingdom, but not in perfect harmony. As Eagle Spies patrol the skies above, The Bear live in shadows of servitude relying on a Prophecy of a One True Bear who will one day bring peace to the Forest Kingdom. But is it true? Will freedom prevail?

Follow the journey of Child Cub as he grows and find his place among the Tribe. And discover Kindred Bear’s courageous spirit as she brings hope to The Bear village.

Find out what mysteries await them in this fast-paced, coming-of-age story that is full of fun and surprises and explores themes of adventure, problem solving, peace, and friendship.