Hello Eagle vs Bear Fans!
We are so excited to announce that our book Eagle vs Bear: Adventures of a Child Cub has been nominated as one of three finalists for Best First Book of the Year: Children’s/Young Adult category in the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition. We are also nominated as a finalist for Interior Design. The award is sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association, and over 160 librarians, booksellers, and design and editorial experts – most with decades of book industry experience – judged the 1,697 entries submitted in this year’s program before settling on the 182 finalists. …amazing!
Since the book was released in December, we are receiving great feedback on the story from readers, teachers, families, and friends across the country who are enjoying the experience! 
We’d love to hear how you like the book, so please, send us an email to hello@eagleversusbear.com and let us know how you are liking the Eagle vs Bear experience.
Until next time! ❤️🦅vs 🐻