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Eagle vs Bear
Adventures of a Child Cub

By Emile Millar
with Illustrations by Blayne Fox

Quality Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-1-7340214-0-0
123 pages      $24.95

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Family fun for all ages, and particularly well-suited for readers ages 8-12.

This adventure story features a young child cub’s anthemic journey of friendship, belief in yourself, and triumph, and each chapter comes with its own rock ‘n’ roll song.

Follow the journey of the Child Cub as he grows and finds his place among the Tribe. And discover Kindred Bear’s courageous spirit as she brings hope to their village.

Find out what mysteries await them in this fast-paced coming-of-age story that is full of fun and surprises. Explore themes of adventure, problem solving, peace, and friendship.

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